Assessment of government spending austerity measures in on-site school support for curriculum delivery: a case of Idutywa education district.


The view of on-site school support for curriculum delivery is shared by most countries and its effects have been felt by schools. There is fear that the Austerity Measures will negate the outcomes of the action taken by the teams that visit the schools. The reviewed literature is more biased towards the Austerity Measures in the whole government sector rather than in a department or an institution like the Education District in Idutywa. Even though the effects of Austerity Measures have been researched all over the world based on a specific country, there is deficiency of such literature done in the institution like the department of Education Districts. The researcher intends contributing to the filling of this gap by this study. The researcher therefore carried out a focused study of the effect of Department’s Austerity Measures on on-site school curriculum support in Idutywa Education District. It is also imperative to know how the teachers are affected by these departmental Austerity Measures, hence the interviews were carried out with the school personnel in addition to the District Professional staff. The District is characterised by poor performance in both Annual National Assessment (ANA) and the final National Senior Certificate results. The findings revealed that the implementation of AM have contributed to, amongst other things, the following issues:  The inadequate on-site school support for curriculum delivery;  The shortage of resources that includes teachers and vehicles;  and ultimately the learner underperformance The researcher expect that the recommendation made will be embraced and be factored through, during the planning process of the Eastern Cape Department of Basic Education in order to improve learner performance.