A critical evaluation of the management and implementation of Performance Management and Development System. (A case study in the Department of Local Government and Traditional Affairs; Bhisho. Eastern Cape).

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University of Fort Hare


Performance management systems help align individual goals and objectives with those of the organisation. The system engages employees and thereby directs them toward achieving the strategic goals of the organisation. The purpose of this research study was to conduct a critical evaluation on the management and implementation of Performance management and development System in the Department of Local Government and Traditional Affairs. Despite the importance of performance management, most organisations find it difficult to implement, manage and sustain performance management systems and processes effectively. It is therefore crucial to ensure adequate planning, evaluation and training is done that will support a sustainable process. Given the strategic role played by the SMS, especially the management of Performance Agreements in the realization of government programmes, it is important that departmental officials make efforts to ensure compliance with its provisions. This study has shown that officials have not been accurate enough in their implementation of the PMDS. The study reveals that there is no staff development programme in place that would help develop staff members to grow in the different fields of their jobs. This is a sound reason why staff responded that they are not happy with the current system. It would appear that management does not devote a great deal of time to staff development. The focus of the PMDS needs to be changed from an output-focused system to a management development system, where there is an increased focus on the development of competencies, compared to the current focus on rewarding only output.