The management of court records in Magistrate Court: A case of Middledrift Magistrate Court, Eastern Cape.

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University of Fort Hare


This study investigates the role of records management in the functioning of Magistrates courts in the Eastern Cape using Middledrift Magistrate court as a case study. The objectives were to determine types of records created, received and used at MMC, to describe the available infrastructure, security and preservation for the management of court records in MMC and to identify the obstacles encountered in management of court records at MMC. Forty respondents selected randomly and purposively were interviewed. The research findings showed that MMC creates, receives and maintains many court records, MMC is aware of the importance of managing court records from their creation to disposal, there are storages for semi- current and non-current records although there is lack infrastructure for managing court records. The study also revealed that there were occasional misplacement of court records, there was no case file tracking system and the security of records was satisfactory. This study recommends that MCC must have adequate storage space, training for the personnel and security systems to protect court records.