Management of medical records for healthcare service delivery at the Victoria public hospital in the Eastern Cape Province: South Africa

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University of Fort Hare


The study sought to investigate the management of medical records for healthcare service at the Victoria Public Hospital in the Eastern Cape Province. The objectives of the study were to describe the present records management practices in Victoria Hospital; find out the existing infrastructure for the management of patient medical records at the Victoria Hospital; determine the compliance of patient medical records management in Victoria Hospital with relevant national legislative and regulatory framework; find out the security of patient medical records at the Victoria Hospital. Quantitative and qualitative approaches were employed. The sample was drawn from the service providers and from the healthcare service users. Questionnaires, interviews and observation were used to collect data. The findings showed that Victoria Hospital uses manual records management system in the creation, maintenance and usage of records. In the findings, there were challenges related to misfiling and missing patient folders which sometimes lead to the creation of new patient folders. Also, the study discovered that the time spent in the retrieval of patient folders could negatively affect the timely delivery of healthcare services. The study recommended the adoption of electronic records management system as most public healthcare institutions in the country are rapidly shifting to electronic records management system. The use of electronic records management system is believed to be efficiently and effectively promoting easy accessibility, retrieval of patient medical records and allows easy communication amongst the healthcare service institutions and healthcare practitioners.



Medical records -- Management, Records -- Management, Medical records, Hospitals -- South Africa -- Eastern Cape