An investigation into factors contributing towards teenage pregnancy in secondary schools: a case study in the Elliotdale sub-district

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University of Fort Hare


The focus for this study was to determine the factors that contribute towards teenage pregnancy in the Elliotdale sub-district in secondary schools, in the Eastern Cape. The researcher used the qualitative approach to obtain data from a sample of 8 pregnant learners, two departmental officials, four principals, four school governing body members, and four educators in this research. Interviews were conducted to gain first hand information regarding factors that are contributing towards teenage pregnancy in four secondary schools in Elliotdale, a rural area of the Eastern Cape. The theoretical construct framing this study is grounded in the theories of Bandura and Bronfenbrenner who shape an understanding of social cognitive theory and ecological systems theory. In the study poverty was a contributory factor as a result of unemployment. Ignorance, as well as the attitude of the learners towards moral values, were the major concerns and findings noted by the respondents in this study. The study revealed that the Elliotdale district officials are determined to find ways of eliminating the rate of teenage pregnancy in secondary schools; however, the approach by the district towards the implementation of the existing programmes is not effective. The school principals are unaware of the current policies on preventative measures regarding teenage pregnancy in schools.



Teenage pregnancy -- South Africa -- Eastern Cape -- Causes, Teenagers -- South Africa -- Eastern Cape, High schools -- South Africa -- Eastern Cape -- Social conditions, Teachers -- South Africa -- Eastern Cape -- Attitudes, Teenage pregnancy -- South Africa -- Eastern Cape -- Case studies