The experiences of the development support group (DSG) in the implementation of the integrated quality management system (IQMS) in Butterworth district, Eastern Cape

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University of Fort Hare


This study investigated the experiences of the Development Support Group (DGS) when implementing the IQMS (Integrated Quality Management System) in Butterworth District of the Eastern Cape. The aim of the study was to explore the experiences of the DSG when implementing the IQMS in an attempt to determine whether the DSG can cope with the task of being part of the evaluation in education, and how the negative experiences could be improved. In order to get the experiences of the DSG when implementing the IQMS, the researcher embarked on this phenomenological study. Data were collected by means of one-on-one semi-structured interviews and the perusal of the IQMS document, Resolution 8 of 2003. Responses from the participants were tape-recorded and eventually transcribed, analyzed and interpreted. The main feature revealed by the study is gross lack of confidence, feeling of insecurity and ambivalence on the part of the DSG. On the basis of the findings, recommendations that will assist the DSG (and other IQMS implementers) to improve IQMS implementation, have been made. This study also serves as the voice of the DSG for they have also made suggestions to improve on the negative experiences they have highlighted. The conclusions arrived at in this study are specific to the DSG of the sampled schools. The conclusions reflect and explain the challenges faced by the DSG in Butterworth district. But the findings give a reflective explanatory depth to the experiences the DSG when implementing the IQMS.



School management and organization -- South Africa -- Eastern Cape, Quality assurance -- South Africa -- Eastern Cape, Work capacity evaluation -- South Africa -- Eastern Cape, Total quality management, Educational evaluation.