A practical theological approach to HIV/AIDS pandemic with particular reference to the Tinis Methodist church in the Nkonkobe Local Municipality of the Eastern Cape Province.

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University of Fort Hare


There are essential issues in the Tinis Methodist Church with regard to the HIV and AIDS pandemic. The issues which arise lead some of the congregants to live complicated lives. The migratory efforts contrived by the church are explored and the measures attempted revealed. The study outlines specific strategies put in place to combat the pandemic and to try and help the Tinis Methodist Church. The underpinning values of the efforts by the church programme are the values of Christian faith and the mission of healing service is taken from the mandate of the Methodist church in dealing with HIV and AIDS. The situation in Tinis Methodist Church indicates that there is still a lot be done in teaching both leaders and church members with regard to HIV and AIDS. There are different interests of involvements among Church members. Old people are still adhering to the old Church traditions, whilst the younger generation appears to be conforming to the standards set by the secular world. There is not much done in addressing practical situations which the church is having to face at present. The acceptance of Christian values is still a challenge. Tinis Methodist Church seems to be dominated by traditionalists. There is still a dire need of moral regeneration in congregants. The preliminary research shows evidence that there are gaps and obstacles to an HIV response in Tinis Methodist Church. According to the findings of the research, there are not enough positive responses to the suggested strategies concerning the management of the HIV and AIDS pandemic. The response is still on a minimum scale. To date adults and children are still dying of AIDS-related illnesses. A Practical theological approach is suggested as a solution, because it is an approach that appropriately reflects the needs of the Tinis Methodist Church. It also reflects on the presence and action of Christians through out the world, sometimes beyond the visible boundaries of the church. A practical theological approach is an approach of theology which functions as a meeting place between different theologies. It is a discipline that borders on a number of disciplines, in the field of anthropology, sociology and psychology. The leadership of Tinis Methodist Church in its positive response to HIV and AIDS recognised that if the pandemic were to be turned around, life skills and prevention programmes with young people in the mind, as well as a change of mind-set in the older people and the alleviation of poverty need to be the key activities. Some key activities adopted focus on prevention, advocacy, service for orphans and other vulnerable children and interfaith involvement.